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carb settings 1.6


carb settings 1.6

Message par denny le Ven 24 Déc - 17:34:01


i've been browsing through this site for ages. Even commented on some topics but apparently not enough since my username seems to be inactive.

I have a question regarding using twin webers on a 1.6.

I used to run a highly modified 1.4GTI base and ax sport head with kentcam PT03 wich aproximatly spit out 130 horsepower. Only the engine broke on a trackday while it was hitting 8500 rpm for the last time. Crankshaft was damaged.

Build another one which didn't run wel. because of a new trackday comming soon I put in a standard 90 horsepower 1.6 with standard ax sport head with carbs.

didn't run wel either. Well the eletric fuelpump was not running properly (same problem on the newly build 1.4 I guess) sorted that and got a really torque happy engine wich wouldn't rev past 6000 rpm.
Thought this to be due to the very limited airsupply caused bij de standard . Ran a trouble free day at the track.

My goal for the winter is to rebuilt the engine. To reduce cost I want to keep the 1.6 engine standard and put on the modiefied ax sport head with the 310 degrees cam and dcom. Put a megajolt on it and run it.

what would you guys recommend for venturies chokes and fuelneedles in the carbs.

I have already ordered 36 mm chokes as that is the limit for the 40 dcom.

I know the engine wil not rev good past 7000 rpm and best is to go with 45mm webers, but as I have a heavy foot that's good as I suspect it will not break then.

Wil post up a story about this ax sport in a short while.

best regards

denny form halland

Gros tchatcheur!
Gros tchatcheur!

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Re: carb settings 1.6

Message par reggaetom le Sam 8 Jan - 19:18:26

Good project, sorry my english is very bad !

For your setting of , if you want high rev' power, the 36 chokes are good. Else you have to test several setting for finding the best Main Jet and air jet.

Do you know softwares which aim at guide you to choice carb' settings ?

Re: carb settings 1.6

Message par Invité le Lun 10 Jan - 15:15:35

No worries,

my french isn't the best also. Can read and understand most of what u guys are saying.

I know some software for choosing basic jetting.

I have made a choise to bring it to a company to sort it for me.
This because the car also needs to have the programmable ignition set (megajolt).

if you're intereseted here is my dutch story on the dutch ax club.


great for watching pictures Wink

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Re: carb settings 1.6

Message par Contenu sponsorisé

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